High School Mentors

Stand out in crowd with unique, service leadership experience as a LiveGirl high school mentor! High school mentors provide a unique “just been there” mentoring perspective to our middle school program participants. As a high school mentor, you would play a key role in leading leadership and team building activities at LiveGirl events and share your perspective on issues such as self-esteem, anxiety, stress, peer pressure, and social media wellness to “pay it forward” and help middle school girls navigate adolescent stress. 

-Must be recommended by teacher or youth organization (*if you have been previously involved with LiveGirl, please denote “Sheri West” as your reference.)
-Must complete mandatory leadership training (2 hours).
-Must commit to attending at least four (out of eight) leadership summits per school year.

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“Rebel Girl” artwork by Victoria Iparraguirre.

“LiveGirl has taught me that I am a one of a kind individual with a unique set of skills and talents; I am me! I shouldn’t be afraid to show myself to anyone, because the only person who has any say or opinion in what I do, is me. People can think or say whatever they want, but I know that I am beautiful, amazing, talented, and unique, and nothing people say can take that away from me!

Being a LiveGirl Mentor has taught me how important it is for young girls to have positive role models in their lives. Middle School is a challenging time for a lot of these girls, and I’ve personally seen the difference it’s made for these girls to have mentors in a safe environment like LiveGirl. They need these outlets and the positivity it brings them! Positivity is contagious!”
— Anna Lysenko (New Canaan HS Graduate / BYU class of '21)