LiveGirlTalk provides a BRAVE SPACE for girls. Groups are designed to empower and foster self-confidence and allow for genuine self-expression through sharing and creative activity.  The small group meets weekly with a trained facilitator to share concerns and interests, thus providing an opportunity to connect with other girls and talk in a safe environment without judgment.

“LiveGirlTalk gives me a safe space to open up and discuss issues that are causing me stress. I enjoy the creative activities and sharing with other girls like me.”
— Brynne (New Canaan)


10 Weeks 9/25 - 12/4

LiveGirlTalk is free-of-charge and open to grades 6-8. Girls will receive a LiveGirlTalk journal. The 10-week series begins the week of September 25 and concludes the week of December 4. Groups will not meet on public school holidays.


Location                                                      Day/Time                                         Mentor
Bridgeport - Six to Six Magnet School       Mon 3:30-4:45                              Lytasha Blackwell
New Canaan (Saxe MS - 6th gr)-FULL     Wed 2:55-4:10                                 Katie Campbell
New Canaan (Saxe MS - 7/8th gr)-FULL  Wed 2:10-3:25                                 Sara Nelson
Norwalk (Carver Center)                           Thurs 4:15-5:30                               Juana Yanes
Stamford Boys & Girls Club                     Wed 4:15-5:30                                  Juana Yanes
Stamford (Rippowam MS)                        Tue 2:15-3:30                                   Ayanna Dacosta
Wakeman Boys & Girls Club                    Thurs 3:45-5                                    Lytasha Blackwell
Wilton (Trackside Teen Center)-FULL     Wed 4-5:15                                      Sara Nelson

Please contact us if you are interested in bringing LiveGirlTalk to your school or youth organization.



BE YOURSELF | Week 1: Group formation + “I am” statements | Week 2: Perspective & communication | Week 3: Express yourself

BE BRAVE | Week 4: Build healthy relationships + Share your voice | Week 5: Social media | Week 6: Persistence & resilience

BE KIND | Week 7: Be kind to yourself (self-care) & others | Week 8: Body image | Week 9: Self-esteem

BE EMPOWERED | Week 10: Becoming a leader + girl power

LiveGirlTalk fosters self-confidence and teaches the leadership and conflict resolution skills necessary to navigate middle school. The girls have fun while talking through the different challenges they face in middle school. The LiveGirlTalk Mentors serve as essential positive role models for the girls.
— Jeff Pytlak, Stamford Boys & Girls Club Program Director