For those registered for transportation, please note the following schedule:

Location                   Address                                                Check-in           Depart              Return

Orcutt BGC            102 Park St, Bridgeport                         7:30am            7:45am            4:45pm

Carver Ctr            7 Academy St, Norwalk                           8:00am            8:15am            4:30pm

Stamford            347 Stillwater Ave, Stamford                      8:00am            8:15am            4:30pm

Wakeman*            2414 Fairfield Ave, Bridgeport                  7:45am            8:00am            4:45pm

*For Wakeman Boys and Girls Club members only

NOTE: You must be at your stop at check-in time. The buses will depart promptly and will not wait for latecomers. Return times are approximate and will depend upon traffic.